Home Inspectors Best Defense Is Effective Communication


By Bob Senel

A professional home inspector must meet all industry expectations from detailed walkthrough inspection to well-versed communication; both verbal and written. As real estate industry started to grow not only state agents but also homeowners started welcoming home inspectors but, now they demand professionals.

The first skill which a good home inspector should possess is complete technical knowledge of the inspection process. The individual must be able to recognize performance issues and report them appropriately. When you are hanging a sign which says you are a home inspector, then you should be ready for meeting high client expectations!

In today’s real estate industry homeowners and agents are okay with the inspection process but their main concern is that a professional home inspector should have a broad understanding of all house systems such as Structure, Foundation, Roof, Cooling, Heating, Insulation, Electrical, Plumbing or Interior and Exterior. The identification of all potential problems identified should be genuine and based on actual problems hence home inspectors need to be highly trained and learned individuals.

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A home inspection is a consulting profession which requires a home inspector to follow best practices and ethical guidelines for attaining success and credibility. The professional behavior and style of communication are the two strong elements which can strengthen the reputation of a sound home inspector. Home inspectors first communicate with their clients verbally, secondly through a pre-inspection agreement and lastly by a home inspection report.

An accomplished home inspector should master verbal communication as the complete inspection process involves many stakeholders. Hence good verbal communication skill will allow the home inspector to take charge of the process confidently. At the end of an inspection home inspector will be required to outline the inspection scope along with complete findings in clear and concise manner. A good home inspector best defense is effective communication which will be judged first through spoken communication and secondly from the style of report.

For communicating critical and technical information to the client, a home inspector’s first written report will be pre-inspection agreement. This report will describe the scope of the inspection along with certain practices and procedures which the home inspector will be following. Moreover, this report will also include legal language, special clauses, and preclusion of some defenses. Hence the inclusion of all this language requires a good home inspector to practice effective communication.

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A successful home inspection depends heavily on a final report because a well-written report will be used by client, agent, buyer, and seller during the whole transaction. The professional home inspector will make an informed decision on the basis of his technical knowledge while his report can serve as an effective marketing tool. A quick tip which a home inspector can use for enhancing communication is making use of illustrations and photos which will bring the report to life. Effective communication style is the only thing which will help a home inspector in establishing credibility.

About Bob Senel


Consultant and trainer, retired general contractor from 1983 to 2012, founder of multiple inspection companies; residential, commercial and industrial inspector from 1978 to the present, California representative for IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Association), founder of Mold in California and GAPIC (Global Association of Professional Inspectors and Contractors). Affiliations: CCC, CCI, CCPM, ICBO, IESO, CRMI, RMP, GAPIC.

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