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Termite Inspection


Termites can often do damage unseen until it is too late. Having a termite inspection done at the smallest notice of damage can help prevent any further issues. Termites can cause structural damage to houses costing thousands of dollars in repair bills, which is why it is so important to have inspections to prevent further damage. Signs of termite infestations include: Damaged wood, buckling paint or tiny holes in wood, piles of wings, mud tunnels created by subterranean termites, live termites or swarms of termites, often found near light sources.

Types of Termites

There are two main types of termites that do damage:
1. Subterranean termites - found throughout the US, live in underground colonies and thrive on moisture, feeding on products containing cellulose.
2. Drywood termites - which are found only in the southern parts of the continental United States, do not require moisture to thrive, nor do they need to be in contact with soil. Drywood termites often establish nests in roof materials and wooden wall supports accessed under eaves.

The Inspection

Our termite inspection includes a thorough inspection for damage and signs of subterranean and drywood termites as well as other pests that can cause damage. They look for evidence of termites and determine the extent of the damage, or the remediation necessary to eliminate the problem. Our inspectors know all the areas to search: the basement or crawlspace, the foundation, and other risk areas, making sure that your whole house is inspected.


If evidence of pests is found, treatment solutions are offered. The treatment offered depends on how widespread the termites are. Local solutions are the first line, but fumigation is necessary for widespread infestations. Occasionally, woodwork may need to be done to remove preexisting damage. All of our treatment comes with a one-year guarantee. If you find termites on your property within the year, we will redo treatment for free.


Termite inspections done within a 30 mile radius of our Glendora office qualify for a FREE termite inspection. If your property is outside of this radius, a $75 travelling fee will be charged that is refunded if further treatment or repairs are done with Senel Termite.